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Huffish Grooming “When luxury is for free”

New challenge in life!

Believe that you love what you do!

I am doing a big change in my life to get it all together. The 1st of November I will start working as a store Manager in a Pet Store; MaD`s Hund & Katt in Södertälje.

The partners we have for the dogfood bought the Store and will take over the 1st of November.

I will also be able to do Groomings 1-2 days a week. Which feels really good. Now I have time for the puppie buyers and other people who has been contacting me before to get some help. The Grooming is held in the Pet shop which is a big and lovely store with a lot of space. I am very good at bathing and clipping all kinds of breeds. Poodles for shows. But, if you want help for the shows you have to come regularly! I cannot transform a Poodle that is not cut for months and have no shape at all. It takes weeks to get the right shape on the Poodle for a show. No matter how professional you are. I will also have seminars and trainees there during next year.

I can do some hand stripping for pets, not for shows! As I have been working with dogs basically all my life and worked in England and in Sweden in Grooming shops before I have experience of doing that.

During the upcoming weeks it will be more information around the Grooming and the Shop as well. I am very excited over this and it will be a new challenge in  life. Can´t wait to start. There will be information on Websites and Facebook regarding Shop and Grooming. MaD`s Hund & Katt is already on Facebook and so is Vom og Hundemat and Enskede Hund & Katt. So dont forget to visit. I will put up a Facebook page with Huffish Grooming just now.

I really believe I love what I do best and that is dogs and animals! So this has to be good!

Also thanks to Calle and Pelle for belive in me to do this, I am sure we will be a great team!

You are welcome to call for appointments with your dogs already now!

Surprise Surprise!!!


This weekend I was really Surprised! I had my 40th birthday on the 9th of October in the middle of the week. It has been quite busy at home around that day and in the weekends. This weekend we kind of planned Chris from USA to come and switch some puppies but it has changed to another time. So a nice family dinner was happening with Peters parents and his brother with wife and children in Nynäshamn. That is about 40 minutes drive from were we live. I was planning to go to a nice and quite family evening and get home pretty early in the evening. We got there around 5 in the afternoon and after 1 hour one of our puppie buyers came, Kenneth and Cathrine. As they live quite near I was a bit surprised but ok, they wanted to come… Then one after another came and I was so chocked!!! Must be the biggest surprise I´ve had in my life. Peter had planned all this without me knowing anything! I have not had a clue what was going on behind my back! It was a lovely buffé dinner with many poodle friends and the family and kids. Lots of wine and a very late night. We were not going home either we stayed at a hotel nearby as Freddie got home to look after the dogs!

Thank you Peter for doing this for me! Thanks for all the friends who came not just from the corner it was 4-5 hours drive from us! Thanks to Peters parents for having us all there and done all the work.

This is a memory of my life! I was very touched. Peter you are amazing to do all this all the time. You really think about the small things (not like this was a small thing) but you have a sence of details in the relationship that I so often forget about. Must say it is important to remember the small things, I will try to be better.

It was not as good day yesterday I had better days but too much going on at home. It was just to get up and groom some Poodles and you feel better in the rain.

Thanks once again for all of you who came to enjoy the evening with us!

This was about how I looked when I understood what was happening!

Russell Terrier Russel Terrier Russell Terrier Russell Terrier Russell Terrier


Mother, I think I can spell Russell Terrier right now?? She used to be a language teacher before. Sometimes when I write I do it fast and it gets wrong!

She complains and yes I did spell Russell Terrier wrong! Russel Terrier instead of Russell Terrier…

I am so sorry but this is corrected and wont happen again! That´s for sure!

“Normal” puppie buyers!


It has come to me several times that “normal” people who are not interested in a show puppie are too afraid to call me asking to buy a puppie!

I am very sad to hear this as I love to sell to “normal” people. And what do I mean by “normal” people? This is a family who want´s to buy a Standard Poodle and have it as a family member. Maybe they want to do obedience, Agility or work with it or just have it as a companion and family member.

I love to sell to these people as they will love the dog no matter how it will look like and the dog will be treated well and loved! I know I am not the best to put out pictures with dogs running free, working or just relaxing in the sopha. I am just really bad at taking pictures. This includes my family and children as well. Sorry to admit. I am better on other things.

I have some lovely puppie buyers through the years and to some of them I get a great relationship and even friendship for life.

When I breed a litter it´s basiclly for myself. I want to breed and keep something to develop and continue my breeding with. Regarding the shows I know how much work it is and I could never ask for someone to put in all this time and work if they didn´t want. My goal is not to break the record in breeding the most champions in the world or get most titles. This doesn´t really say anything about the overall quality. I want to have top of the line and try to stay there. So I keep the ones I think suite me were I am at the moment and what I need to improve and I show them. If you are willing to put down the everyday work with your Standard Poodle I am more than happy to help out to do the Showgrooming and help out to handle the dog at the shows or help you how to become a good groomer and handler with your dog. If you just have the companion dog the most important is to make sure it is groomed and clipped so it just looks nice and keeps healthy.

So what I try to say is that if you are looking for a nice pet Standard Poodle we have that as well and there is nothing strange with that. I hope this will help you to at least make a call to us and talk about Standard Poodles. It also happens that we get puppies that are not a showdog. I do have a lot of experience and I do know what I am doing. I really try to keep up the health no matter what others say, the temperaments for me is a must. A Poodle with a bad temperament is not a Poodle and I would never continue breeding to this.

Simon is currently #2 Dog Of The Year in Sweden, Allbreed system!


Simon BIS-2 at Sundsvall International Show, 2600 dogs entered!

Its unbelievable! Simon is currently

#2 Dog of The Year in Sweden! 

He is shown 17 times total in Sweden this year.

16 BOB



1 BIS-2

1 SBIS-4

7 Group-1

2 Group-2

On top of that BOB at Crufts and shortlisted in the group.


World Winner where he also won the Group!

Thank you all for making this possible!


With only 2 shows left in Sweden this year it will be exciting. I am also looking forward to the future as we have some very nice offsprings to Simon at home they are very young but promising. I am sure he will put the mark in as a great sire just as my other males has for example, Ch. Racketeer Exquisit Sinner, Ch. Torpaz Mista Motivator,Ch. Torpaz It´ll Be All White,  Ch. Diego Da Maya, Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker, Ch. Huffish On Every Street. This is the part I love so much not just having a nice showdog but to follow them as great producers as well. For me the most important is though to have a great bitchline, you cannot believe that the male will do everything. It has to fit together.

Russell Terrier Rocks in USA!


Billan and Columbus at Montgomery!

This is amazing and I just want to share the Russell Terrier story. Since April this year the Russell Terrier got an approved Breed in AKC. As I wrote before Ch. Goldsand´s Columbus went over and he was the first Russell Terrier to make the big success in America. When Chris Manelopoulos was over here to pick up Matrix the Afghan he met my mother for the first time and got to see some of her Russell Terriers. Chris and Rachel are very good friends to the famous Terrier people on America Maripi Wooldridge and Jennifer Stevens. They really like the Russell Terriers and wanted to start breeding them in America. Chris completely fell in love with my mothers bitch Goldsand´s Billie Jean “Billan”. He sent video over to Jennifer and Maripi and they all fell in love. They asked to get Billan over to show and mate in America but my mother said no! “She is the love in my house”. Which is understandable even I like her she is a very charming dog to have around. It took a while to talk my mother into this but it was not easy. She had to make a fast decision as we live 5 hours from each other and Chris was going back very soon. It is a great opportunity though as she can get her back soon in welpe or have a puppie from her bred to something nice over there. I brought Billan with me to Stockholm and my mother was still thinking and thinking… In the last-minute she made her mind up that she could go. So she did. Only 5 weeks after one of the biggest and prestigious Terrier Shows that are around came up Montgomery and some other shows about the same week. Billan was shown for the first time and she did really well. Over the week she finished her American Championtitle and got BOS at Montgomery to Columbus who was BOB. Fantastic. This weekend both Columbus and Billan won the Terrier group at different shows. It looks like the Russell Terriers has Charmed the American people. Just let it hope it will be with good for the breed and not to destroy it so it will be puppie mills all around. I know they are not perfect but I think they are very cute my mothers dogs! I love their faces and expressions! Well done all of you involved also with Columbus. The handler Allison Sunderman is having him looking lovely and presented so well. It was also a great weekend for Ch. Tells Matrix Reloaded, Matrix the Afghan who finished his title with another Group win as well.

Kira got her 7th Champion this weekend!!!


This weekend has been very hectic in many ways!!! I had a day off from work on Friday to catch up some time with the dogs at home. I did all the puppies so we could make pictures in the weekend. As the rain is pouring down most of the time they have to be done every week. On Saturday we had a Poodle Club Specialty Show and we had entered Simon, Boss and Klara. The judge was Edita Kralova from Slovakia, she is a Poodle person. Freddie showed Boss all by herself in his new dress, American Lion. He won his class, Simon won the Champion class ended up Best male and Boss was 3rd best male with his 4th CAC. The most exciting thing this day was my puppie buyers bitch Huffish Streets of Joy “Klara” that needed her last CAC from the open class to gain her Swedish Championtitle. She looked really well and behaved, she can be a bit naughty sometimes. She won the class and finally Best female with CAC. Congratulations to Kenneth and Cathrine who nearly died outside the ring watching. You are doing such a good job with her. The first Poodle they have.

This gave Ch. Racketeer Street Poetry “Kira” her 7th Champion offspring!!! More to come I am sure. Margareth and I talked about it and I want to break the record her breeding have, I think she said the most Champion offsprings one female had was 12.. My goal is that Kira will have at least 14!!!Lets see….

Anyhow champions or not, her offsprings are lovely to live with and so far very sound. I am so looking forward to the youngsters we have at home around 5 months of age, think they are something special.

Kira at her last show BIS-5



Definition of


: a game in which some of the players leave a trail and others try to follow the trail to find and catch them
I havent been writing for a time but my days are full of work, dogs, puppies and William. Did you see that I didn´t write Peter? Poor Peter, the days are so full that we don´t have time to hardly speak to each other. I am not complaining but its a fact. I hope it will be better. This weekend we are staying home looking after home, dogs and family. Looking forward to that. A couple of years ago I visited some friends in England and we were talking about things. That´s were I heard “Hares and hounds”!
In all different situations we have different kind of people, I have always been the one that have started and tried new things. No matter what I do. I always have my own idea or want to do my own thing, this is both good and bad. But to develop things you need to be a bit forward and try to do things, take a chance! Follow your heart and not only follow what other people are doing or saying. God knows I have been questioned many times, but I always have an answer to why I did a certain thing or made a decision. Sometimes it has been a very hard lesson! So go out there and make your own trail!
Have a nice weekend. Hopefully I can make some puppie pictures…

Winning is everything but not the ONLY thing!!!


Good Luck Matrix in America!

This Friday our friend and the handler we are working together with in America Chris Maneolopolus arrived to Sweden. Chris is just on a quick visit for the weekend leaving very early Monday morning. The reason why he is here is to pick up the Afghan from our friends of the Tells Afghans. SBIS Ch Tells Matrix Reloaded. As Camilla has been helping out with the Poodles she got in contact with our Poodle people in America. Missy Galloway who was the co-owner in America to our Rocky and owner of SBIS, BIS Ch. Da Maya Hightide  Splash has become the American owner to Matrix the Afghan and he will be shown by Chris and Rachel. Good Luck it will be very exciting to follow this.

Straight after Chris arrived we drove down 5 hours to our Poodle friend Mrs Doris Backe of Splash Miniature Poodles and stayed over the night. In the morning we went to the International Show in Sofiero, Helsingborg. I showed only Simon who got BOB under Mrs Tiina Taulos. Thank you! Chris and Camilla with her father was spending the day at the Sighthound Specialty show just a few minutes away. Matrix also got BOB under Mr Ray Lindholm.

We had Miss Inga Siil from Estonia judging Group-9 and Simon was nr 2! I must say even if you want to win all the time it´s impossible to do that. Also I was quite happy as we have 6 hours drive home and we needed to look at puppies and try to spend some time with Chris, William and Peter.

My mother also came to the show to spend the day they’re looking at Jack Russel Terriers and the Poodles. It was a nice day and at least it didn´t rain. Here is a picture of me and my mother that Chris took.

So now off to look at some puppies and groom some dogs today.

Me and my mother!

How America discovered Columbus!


First “Jack” Russel Terrier in America to win as an approved breed in AKC!

The other day we got the Swedish Dog Magazine, Hundsport in the mail. There was an article written by Mr Bo Bengtson regarding Ch. Goldsand´s Columbus! Columbus is bred by my mother and owned by Christina Arelskogh and is at the time on loan to America with Mark Ulrich and the handler is Allison Sunderman. In April 2012 the (Jack) Russel Terrier got an approved breed in AKC and Columbus was the first one to get BOB!!! Now he has archived lots of Group Wins and also a couple of BIS!! Congratulations to all involved! I am very proud of you mother, Columbus is a very sweet dog and so cute! Good Luck in the future.