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Dog show


Sunday on the 7th of February I went to a Poodle Club Specialty show. As I am expecting a child any day I had a helper with me “Amanda” Went up 5 in the morning to leave from home. In the car we had 4 Standard Poodles with us. The young puppies that needed to come ouside the gate at home. I have a lovely puppie buyer that ownes a black male, “Elvis” Huffish Black Business. Her name is Karin and Elvis is her first Standard Poodle. She looks after his coat like she has done nothing else in life. Elvis is shown just a couple of times and has one CC with CACIB, BOB and Group-3. We are hoping for him to get his Champion title. 

At the show we came a bit “late” nearly lost our way which is so not me, I always find the way!!! Frustrating! Elvis was first in and after him Thomas that Amanda showed. It was also “Rachels” first debut Huffish Da Maya Woman in the juniorclass.

Elvis got the CC and Best Male! Great! and Thomas ended up 3rd Best Male. Rachel behaved really well, won her class but wasnt placed in the Best Bitch competition. “Druzilla” Zolhills Drastic Fantastic, got the last CC and got her Swedish title also BOB! Druzilla is Rachels half sister, they have the same mother, Ch. Huffish Believe in Woman “Emma” who is the littersister of Max.

The puppies had a good day, see the big world around and they liked it,, good training for puppies. Arrived home around 7 in the evening, unpack the car, dogs and feed them. Got some nice company with Peter and his Parents with some nice food. Ended the evening with wrapping up Thomas hair. Off to bed around 1 at night. Tomorrow we will go to the vet for SA test on Thomas, Diego, Kira and Rocky.

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