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This is me


This is me, Charlotte Sandell “Lotta” my partner Peter and my son Oscar. This picture is taken on our Paris trip 2009.  At the present time we are living in a house on the countryside just 20 minutes from Stockholm City Center in Sweden.

I am expecting a child on the 26 of February so its not many days to go now.

There are 3 important things in my life, my family, dogs and my work. I never do things halfharted I always put in at least 100% into things. Life and time is to short to waste. If you gonne do something try to do your best!

As you can see I am a begginer in the Blogg world so I will see what will come out from it. Pictures are not the best right now but I am working on that….

So welcome into my life hope you can keep up! Many things happens all the time.


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