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Time for Westminister


On the 15th and 16th of February one of the Worlds most famous Dog Show is being hold in New York at “The Garden”. There will the topwinning dogs from the US compete, but later years there are dogs from all over the world. As everything is so global at the time dogs and people meet, compete and cooperates in breeding dogs.

Here is a link of The Canine Chronicle were the Swedish owned Pharao Hound Ch. Northgate as you like it, “Qing” is on the cover. For dog people he dont need any presentation. He has won on the biggest shows all over the world. Read more about him in the Magazine.

Today I have had a couple of hours with my dogs outside, cleaned the doghouse and now its time for our house.

Yesterday we made the baby bed so now everything seems to be set up for him to come. We are working on names, William or Filip…but that can change when we see what kind of individual he is…

Now its bets about when the baby will arrive, the date from the nurse is 26th of February. I think it will be on the 20th of February, Peter 22nd of February and my mother said 1st of March…

Time can only tell!

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