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Proud of myself


"Diego" Top Winning Standard Poodle in Sweden 2009

Today we have been to The yearly meeting for the Swedish Poodle Club, the Mid-Swedish part. It was a long meeting with many disgussions which I think is quite good. People need to speak more to each other than writing letters and comments on emails and internet. Even if I love the new modern way of communicate you have to be very careful of what and how you write things. It´s so easy to hide behind emails, sms, facebook and similair things. So easy to get things wrong.

It´s also important that we are more open minded for new things around us, if we are it will take us forward in life.

We could solve so many things easier and much faster just by picking up the phone or just face people immidiately. This works in any relationships in our lives.

I also got to know at the meeting that you can get a Newsletter from the Mid-Swedish part, there is also now a committe for the shows were Christina Sohlman is responsible. Any help  is welcome and not only from the committe members but also ordinary members. Go on and look at “avdelningar” “mellansvenska” and you will find more information.

I was proud to get the price at the meeting for Top Winning Standard Poodle in Sweden 2009. It was our “Diego” that earned the title. “Emmas” daughter “Druzilla” was Top Winning Standard Poodle bitch, bred by Marlene Sohlberg, Zolhills kennel. More details is on our homepage of these dogs. “Thomas” our white heartbreaker was 2nd Top Winning male behind Diego.

Just finished a lovely dinner of Goose, I have never done that before. I prepared that before we left to the meeting and Peters parents put it in the owen. It worked out very well and its very easy to do, just takes a lot of time.

Tomorrow it will be painting the hallway and some other stuff. I will give you some information regarding the NE disease in Standard Poodles. What is it? How you can avoid it? How to test for it? Were to find more information?

Now I am full of food and will relax for a minute before the bed.

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