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Info regarding NE in Standard Poodles.


 What is Neonatal Encephalopathy?

“Neonatal” refers to the time immediately after birth. “Encephalopathy” refers to a disease
affecting the brain. Thus Neonatal Encephalopathy means a disease of the brain that
becomes apparent soon after pups are born. Affected pups have been weak,
uncoordinated, and mentally dull from birth. If they survive the first few days, they nurse
adequately. They may not, however, be able to compete with stronger pups in the litter
and their growth may be stunted. Some cannot stand at all. Others manage to struggle to
their feet and walk with jerky movements, falling frequently. Seizures develop in most
affected pups at 4-5 weeks of age. Attempts to control these seizures with medication
have proven futile, and the pups die or are euthanized before they reach weaning age.
See more information in StdPooNE

I havent found that we have problems in Sweden or Scandinavia regarding this but as the world is getting more Global and we import and use dogs from all over its good to have the knowledge regarding this NE. I have been very lucky with my litters the bitches get normally from 5 puppies up to 10 and they are all strong and survives.

As our dog “Diego” has a father and a brother that is carriers, we wanted to do the DNA test on him. You can order the DNA test on its very easy to do yourself its just a swabtest that is needed. The test came back for Diego and he is also a carrier, which means he should not be bred to biches that are also carriers. If the bitches are “clear” not “carriers” the puppies will be fine.

As people seems to mix up things I want to share this information and you can do the research for yourself and get more knowledge about it. I am not doing a big thing about it as its quite easy to get pass.

NE test Diego

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