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Hollie will have puppies soon…


Hollie in "pain" before birth

Last night I thought Hollie started to behave a bit strange. She wanted to be by herself. Today her temperature has dropped a bit and she is in pain you can easily see. She was going to due in the weekend but I think it will be tonight or tomorrow. Normally I start to check the temperature on the bitches around 5-6 days before they are expected. They start to go down to 37,7 up and down a bit and finally they drop quickly down around 37 or even under. When they are starting to give birth they are up on normal temp 38,2 or around. We will see.

I also feel like something is going on, but I will try to push back, the dog has to have the puppies before the baby arrives!!! Also Peter will go down and get Oscar on Friday so he can spend the weekend and the holiday with us next week…time can only tell.

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  1. goldsand permalink
    17/02/2010 10:59 am

    Baby boy is born this night. Congratulations Lotta and Peter! Also gratulations to the Hollypups who came at the same time as you were delivering my new grandchild!
    Proud mother

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