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Baby and Puppies just with 2 hours between!


Flowers from our friends Daniel and Kamilla

Yesterday morning I told you about my dog Hollie that looked like she was going to have her puppies. I also felt like my stomach started to twist a bit. And so it did. In the evening around 7 I had a lot of pain and it just went worse. Hollie was still quiet but her temperature had dropped around 37 during the day.

I cant believe how my dog and me was having the baby and the puppies at the same day!!!! I had to get a solution, who will take care of the dog when she is due???? Everybody is working and Hollie doesnt love anyone?? I called my dear friend Camilla Blomqvist and asked how her night and day looked like. She could help out and her busband drove her here 11 at night!!! Thank you soo much!!

During the evening it got to me that the baby will arrive any hour and I had to brush and do the topknots on the dogs, Diego was next to be done. How crazy can you be!!! But I did this and Peter started to prepare the neighbour Eva who also is a hero and promised to look after the dogs while we were away.

At 1.30 in the night I had soo much pain I couldnt stand it anymore but I didnt want to go too soon and sit at the hospital. We arrived 1.50 at night and 2.45 our son was born. It went very quickly and good. I think the name will be William. He was 3590 g. and 50 cm. long. It was a very good birth and I wasn´t in too much pain. The baby boy started to eat right away and seemed very happy to get to this world. 2 hours later around 5 in the morning, Hollie had her first black male puppie!!! All went well there too. She ended up with 3 black puppies. 2 males and 1 female.

I had to stay at hospital all day as they were very busy… We went home around 7 in the evening and now all is quiet and calm. Puppies, baby and father are sleeping. I am off to bed.

Thank you to Camilla and her family and my neighbour Eva for all the support and help. Also Peters parents who came to drive Camilla back home!!! Its good to know that you have friends and a great family when you need them.

Peter and William finally at home!

Hollie and puppies

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  1. byklum permalink
    18/02/2010 8:26 am

    CONCTRATULATION to you and Peter, good it went well and quick :-))
    See you soon. Kiss and big hugs from Anita

  2. zolhillz permalink
    18/02/2010 11:46 am

    CONCTRATULATIONS Lotta, Peter & Oskar to the new little family member,
    wish you all the best.

    Big hugs from Marlene & “Emma”

  3. 18/02/2010 1:40 pm

    Our greatest congratulaions from Russia-kennel Danvik, you, your family and your friends are heroes. Super health, calm nights and beautifull days with new borns to you!!!

  4. 18/02/2010 7:07 pm

    Vilken historia. Det blir lätt att komma ihåg de valparnas födelsedata:-)
    Grattis så jättemycket!

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