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I Dreamed A Dream….


William relaxed

Thursday the 18th of February……

I had so much I wanted to write but when I was ready to do so, the connection to the Blogg didnt work. Well thats technology!

Our baby William is really very easy, he eats and sleeps and seems to be very pleased with life. He doesnt even wake up when the dogs starts to bark…I guess he is used to that during 9 months in the stomach with dogs around!

Peter seems like he is in a kind of coma. Everything went quite fast when he bacame a father and after William was born he fell a sleep. We havent had much time together as Peter drove down to pick up Oscar at Thursday afternoon. Oscar was 9 years old in November 2009 and he lives with his father 500 km from us. He is with us every second weekend except when he has holidays and time off school. Now he has holiday next week so he will stay until Wednesday evening. He is looking forward seeing his littlebrother.

Its another snowstorm in Sweden again! Dont know how much snow there is in the world right now???

One of Hollies puppies was very weak and didn´t really want to eat, we tried to help it but it didn´t work. Thursday lunch he passed away. Now she only has 2 puppies left one female and one male. They are doing really well and are strong and full of life.

I was really touched by a programme about Susan Boyle, what an amazing woman! She even got Simon to feel bad for his attitude he had when he saw her the first time. She has showed the world that everyone can Dream a Dream and make it true!

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