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I think the Ice Age is here already!


It´s amazing how much snow there is! Were we live they don´t know were to put the snow anylonger when they do the streets!

Peter trying to get rid off the snow!

Oscar on the so called deck....

Last night Hollie was walking around us all evening like something was wrong.

And so it was, as she only has 2 puppies she has so much food that it get blocked and hard, just like it works on humans. So I had to put hot wet towels on her and massage and get most of the milk out to help her. Poor dog. But it worked and today she is fine. I also didn´t give her any food for 1 day.

Peter also gave her a bath as she needed to get clean from the welping.  

Hollie bathed

I feel like a bad person but have very little patience at the moment things doesn´t seem to happen as fast around me as I want. I dont mean the baby, he is great, eats and sleeps most of the time.

I am just a very unpatience person that needs to cut down the tempo. People around me just gets confused and I get in a bad mood for mostly nothing! This is just not now, has been like this for years! Both in private life as in my proffessional job. Something I did that was very good is to go on an education in Human Dynamics. There you will learn about how you are and how you work together with other people. Very good! Everybody should do that!

Now off to bed and tomorrow Peters brother with family will come to visit and probably some dog will be having a bath.

So tomorrow I will wake up and look very positive at the things around me. It´s only up to me!

Good Night!

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  1. byklum permalink
    21/02/2010 9:15 pm

    I can understand what you mean about been unpatient, Im like that too and I can explode for small things if its irritates me :-(-
    But after sitting in the Norvegian Poodleclubs comitee for 7 years, Ive learned a lot.

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