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Katarina and Chris in Slovenia


Katarina and Chris

Katarina in action training...

Last April we got a new friend in our family, Katarina Kocjan from Slovenia. She came to us to spend a couple of months with us to learn more about the dogs, breeding, grooming and all around. We had a lovely time together and Katarina became more a family member to us. When she left in August she took Ch. Kudos Ami with her to show in Europe during a time. It has been very successful, Ami is now a multiple breed and groupwinner in different countries. As Katarina has a passion for the dogs and the grooming she works hard and learned fast. This is what brings success, passion and hard work. You will never get anything for free in life.

In October Peter went down with our young black male Huffish Back in Business “Chris” to meet up Katarina. The poor dog who hardly never been outside our garden got to see the big world! And it went fast for him. Chris is doing fine and Katarina will show him for us for a time.

We really want to thank you Katarina for all your support and hard work you put into the dogs! Also thanks to your family, I think you know what I mean??

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