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I love TRESemmé


As I always look for new things to use for my dogs I often find it. It doesn´t matter were I am shopping, it can be in the Supermarket or shops for Horses or anywere. When I was shopping in the Supermarket a couple of weeks ago they had started to sell this Schampoo and Conditioner there. It´s normally for Humans and they have only sold it for Proffessional use, Hairdressers and so. I thought it looked interesting so I bought one bottle of each.


I have tried it on different dogs at home and also for show and I LOVE IT! It makes the coat really shiny and clean and the Conditioner is great also. For show you have to be careful to use the Conditioner on soft coats as it is probably better on thicker, harder textures. On softer/finer coats it gives a bit too soft feeling for show.

I think you can find it in Sweden at least at, Citygross, Rusta and other big Supermarkets.

Today I just used it on Rocky that was having a bath. Thank good for Peter who helps out, he takes all the bands down for me and I bathed him, Peter blaster the coat while I am looking after William, the baby. We normally blaster them quite a lot and I did the last finish with the brush and dryer.                                                                        

I also use Laser Lites Mattles Magic, which I cant be without. I started to use that on Simon, Amis father a couple of years ago. As he was white I didn´t want to use any oil so this was perfect on the Top knot, ears and neck hair that I wrap.

Mattless Magic

After we finished Rocky we had to go to do some shopping. Now the whole family i totally dead, including me. I can really feel that I don´t have the same condition that I did before William was born… but time and rest will help that out.

Now it´s Good Night! Tomorrow our friend Doris, Splash Miniatures will come to borrow one of our beds as she is driving all night from her home to Stockholm, that´s about 7 hours drive.

Peter will also drive Oscar down to his father so I will be by myself for a while.

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