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Katarina and Ami


Katarina and Ami

Yesterday I told you about Katarina. Here is some nice pictures of her and Ch. Kudos Ami, “Ami”.

Ami is bred by Kudos Poodles, Mikael Nilsson. He leased a bitch from me Huffish Splash Satantas, “Meja” and mated her to one of my males, Ch. Lyco´s Crazy In Love, “Simon”. Simon moved to Australia to the famous Cotian Kennel, Debbie Cozart. As I didn´t have any use for Simon, he was to related to all my bitches and no one in Scandinavia really used him he could as well move. He only has a handful litters in Australia but there are several BOB, Group and BIS Winners among his offsprings. Ami has one black littersister that lives in Japan with the Smash Toy Poodles. Her name is Ch. Kudos All, she is a multiple BIS winner in Japan. Ami is staying with Katarina and she will be bred next year during 2o11. Katarina and I are looking for a nice male for her… We will see what that turns out to be?

Ami at show

On the move

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