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Dangerous roads in Sweden


Flowers from Doris and her family

Early this morning our friend Doris Backe, Splash Poodles was going to visit us. She was driving all night from her home in the South of Sweden to Stockholm to meet up a puppie buyer from Finland. She was going to the Ferry Viking Line.

As Doris was driving all night she was going to stop at our place to get some rest before she started her 6 hours drive back home again. At 6.30 in the morning our phone was ringing. Peter answered and said Doris is late she is on her way and will come soon. Ok I said and went up to make breakfast. William was still sleeping. The phone again, Doris, I can´t find the way she was stressed and said she had crashed her car and was on her way to meet up the Ferry! She was late! In the middle of the traffic jam in Stockholm in the  morning!! I tried to help her finding the way there but I said to her to ask the lady to take a Ferry in the evening instead as I didn´t think she should make it! So she did, she just missed the Ferry with 5 minutes.

What happened was that Doris was half way to Stockholm when she totally lost the car on the road, it was just ice!!! Luckily there were no car coming from another direction so she ended up on the side of the road. Her car was totally crashed so she couldnt continue and had to call 112. She had great help from the Police that drove her to the Petrol station to pick up a rental car to continue her trip.

Life can change in a second! Doris was lucky to not get hurt in the crash! She is now on her way back home. I admire Doris although she was through this she always continues and is always positive. Doris never gives up!

Thomas in the snow

It has been a really lovely weather here today, the sun has been shining all day and even the birds were singing! Maybe spring is on its way! Lets hope.

Peter has been driving Oscar back to his father. It has been lovely to have him here and I wish he could stay longer. He really enjoy his little brother and he is so proud of him. One day when I was a bit stressed and not in the best mood Oscar told me in the evening ” Mum, I don´t like your attitude, you have been in a bad mood today”. I had to excuse him and tell him it´s not him it´s me. As they say, you only get the truth from the children.

If the sun is shining tomorrow I will try to get out for a nice walk. We also have some dogs that needs to bath so that is on the scedule the upcoming weekend.

Oscar and William

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  1. lenapetri permalink
    25/02/2010 6:42 am

    Skönt att höra att allt gick bra med Doris! Bilar kan man ersätta..
    Ser ut som om staketet blir lägre och lägre:-)Det ser ut som ni har mycket snö..
    Härligt kort på bröderna , tror de får riktigt roligt ihop när de skall reta dig *ler*
    Bloggen är jätterolig att följa! Det var inte helt enkelt för en teknisk idiot att lista ut hur man kunde skriva ett par rader..
    Kram Lena P3

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