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I would love to be in Thailand right now



Sorry that I haven´t been writing for a couple of days. It has just been very quiet around and nothing new has happened. The baby is eating and sleeping, very pleased still, I have bathed my Standard males and shaved all the others.
I promise there will be a lot of happenings at the Blogg once the Ice Age is gone and all the activities starts again. As it seems like Spring and Summer will take some time to show up I want to tell you about my Father “Kulan” who is living in Thailand. About 2 years back he went down there with his friend Jörgen to buy a Boat that they can take Tourists on for Diving and just have a look at the lovely areas around.

Kulan with one of the Staff at the boat

I will go there to Sunbath, drink Wine and lovely Coctails and just eat the lovely food!
I have never been to Thailand and we said that we will go in December this year. I could go tomorrow right now as I am so fed up with winter. It will be very nice to take som time off for a Holiday. We will also bring Oscar who is really looking forward to it. My father will probably come to visit us during the Summer now, he was here for 2 weeks spending Christmas and New Year with us. Look at the lovely pictures of the Boat and the areas around!!! Sorry dad, I downloaded them from you without asking, dont send me a check to pay!!! If you will go to Thailand, the area around Khao Lak you are welcome to contact them at MV Oktavia for a Tour. Have a look at there is also a nice video from the trips.

From above

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