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Back to the 80´s, “Steak Tartare”


Steak Tartare á la Huffish

We just finished a lovely evening meal. Back to the 80´s, Steak Tartare. (Råbiff in Swedish). It must have been more than 12 years since I had this to eat. I really love it.

Peter did this tonight and here is the recipe; 4 persons

600g of Raw minced Steak (Skrapat Nötinnanlår, malt 2 ggr direkt i affären vid hemgång). 4 Eggs. About 150g. Capers (Kapris). About 150g. chopped Beetroot (Rödbetor). Salt and Black pepper.

Served with a Tomatosallad, 4-6 Tomatoes and 4-6 Redonions together with Oliveoil and Balcamico de Modena (Balsamvinäger) Salt and Black pepper.

As Peter has been working as a Chef all his life, we love food and wine. Now he is working as a Sales person on a company I´ve worked for before Pitney Bowes. Thats´s another story I can tell you about another time. It´s a great company anyhow…

Our interest in food and wine also got us inspirered by the Swedish Tv personality Per Moberg and his book, see below. For the Swedes we can really recommend this book.

Per Moberg

So all that likes Raw meet, go back to the 80´s and make a Steak Tartare it´s about time it comes back again!

See you soon!

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