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Huffish Made for Headlines


Bonnie & Clyde

This will be the name for one of Hollies puppies, haven´t decided which one of them yet. We call them Bonnie and Clyde. Since I´ve kept the white Romeos father and his litter sister, they were called Romeo and Julia. (The black father to white Romeo were also called “Romeo”, my good this sounds strange). I also kept the brother and sister in the Emma and Diego litter and they are called Chris and Rachel after the handlers in the US.

Now it will be Bonnie and Clyde.

The one we are keeping will be Huffish Made for Headlines.

Today we have had a good day, Hollies older daughter Gloria has been bathed and clipped and also Hollie got bathed and clipped again. Tomorrow we will have some friends visiting and we have 2-3 of the other dogs to bath and clip.

I really look very pale so people think I am sick, I am not I just have this look during the winter. My sister and also my mother is very pale if we don´t go on the sunbed. I will try to do that tomorrow as well. We have a very good one just 5 minutes away.

One male puppie from Kiras litter got BOB and 4th in the puppy group today. This was in Norway. Well done Charlotte and Troy!! We are really proud of you both.

Here are 2 mad pictures of Diego and Hollie, they are playing with me and the camera! Diego just laughed at me and Hollie threw herself on the back in the kitchen.

Diego laughing

Mad Hollie

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