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Emotions and energy….


William grows out of his clothes quickly

As I am a person full of emotions, it goes a bit up and down. Most of the time I am a very positive person and if I get some negative energy it normally disappear very fast. Even if I don´t wont to admit it I am a bit down at the moment. (Can have something to do with the hormones). As someone said to me: Don´t try to be a Superwoman, you are not more than a human being! What me? I can manage everything by myself, dont need any help and especially not someone that feels sorry for me. I don´t like to be depending on other people and as William needs a lot of my time I need Peter. This is not me. Peter is a “gem” as my friend from Australia said, and he really is. Although I am a very typical woman, controlling and a kind of a “manager” at home. Or is this typical for women or is it just how we people are working? What kind of personalitys  we are? I think its more what kind of personality we are. Again, “Human Dynamics”.

Yesterday we were at Peters parents having a nice dinner together with his brother and his family. They have 3 children and they all wanted to hold William, look at picture how proud they are. Thank you Göran and Margaretha! Always nice food and company. I defenitely got some positive energy from seeing you.

Palmedals grandchildren

I am working everyday to get more and more positive energy as I know its only up to me! There is a Swedish writer that I listened at a couple of years ago; Kay Pollak, “To Chose happiness” This is the name of his book and his seminar. Very good! At that time I brought my father, but I dont know if he understood why.

What I was happy for Saturday evening was that Anna won the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. It was “her time”. Time for change and a new generation for this! Good Luck Anna in Norway!

William is not worried, yet,,,,,

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  1. icepoodle permalink
    14/03/2010 11:12 pm

    Lotta you look really good and in our eyes you are a super women. But sometimes super women need there rest ;)

    William is beautiful.

    Greetings from Iceland,

    Disa and Joi.

  2. lenapetri permalink
    15/03/2010 6:06 pm

    Att välja lycka är inte att förneka besvärliga känslor. Det är att välja att inte stanna kvar i dem.

    Ur Att välja glädje, av Kay Pollak.

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