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1 month and they are all growing!


1 month and 5kg!!!!

Today we went with William to do the normal check up at the nurse. In Sweden you have to go every 2nd week to weight and mesure the babies to make sure they grow well, and also to make sure all is fine.  And William is growing!! I can see on all the lovely clothes he got from all our friends that he starts to grow out from them. But I could not imagine how much! He is now just over 5kg!!! He was 3595 when he was born and today he is a month old. He is now 56 cm long. (50 at birth)

I am loosing weight altough I am eating like a horse, and not just healthy things. I eat a lot of sweets and Ice Cream and lovely cakes that Peter did in the weekend Pavlova Cake, that is with Whipped Cream, Home made Lemon Curd on Mirengue (Maräng). I eat normal food as well. So I guess William is taking a lot of the Calories, thats good!

Hollies puppies “Bonnie & Clyde” are also growing. They are really fat and quiet also. In the weekend we started to give them extra food. I normally start between 3 and 4 weeks of age depending how fat and how many they are. I started to give them the “puppie food” from Vom og Hundemat and they like it. They are great in the stomachs too.

I love you!

When the puppies are 2 weeks you need to start warming them. I normally use Banminth Paste. I dont like to give them too strong stuff and this is enough. Normally they can have some worms the first time you do it and then you repeat it after 2 weeks until they are all gone. The second time its normally no warms.

Yesterday was a busy day! I bathed and clipped one of our male puppie from Kira and Diego, he is my favourite! Such a sweet and clever dog, lovely personality! Rockys brother Elvis came to get a haircut and after that I put Diego in the bath. We had our friend Cissi here on a meal, she will stay in our house to look after the dogs in the weekend. We are driving down to Oscar and my mother and stay there for the weekend. I really looking forward to see them, havent seen Oscar for a month.  

I really miss Oscar! See you on Friday!

See you Friday Oscar!

Regarding Emotions and Energy, I had a great comment on my blog from my friend Lena and its so true:

“To chose happiness is not to deny troublesome feelings. It is to chose not to stay in them”. From Kay Pollaks book “To Chose Happiness”

I write it in Swedish

“Att välja lycka är inte att förneka besvärliga känslor. Det är att välja att inte stanna kvar i dem”.

Ur Att välja glädje, av Kay Pollak.

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