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Collar in Furs


Mink Fur Collar for dogs

One of my best and oldest friend is Torsti.  He lives in Stockholm but he is from Tranås in the south of Sweden. He has a lovely Fur Shop in the middle of Stockholm that is: Drottninggatans Päls. Ive got to know him around 1996 when I was studying in Stockholm and I groomed and showed his Standard Poodle male at that time. We spend a lot of time together and went out on dinners and crazy partys all the time. Torsti now lives with his boyfriend Thomas in Stockholm City.

About 1998 Torsti made some Fur Collars for dogs, mostly poodles. They are great for the coats on the dogs. You will not loose one hair on the neck if you use it I can promise. It glides really easy on the coat and is also healthy for the skin for the dogs. We have some for sale and we will bring them at the shows during this year. If you wish other colours or sizes we can write it down and Torsti will make it for you.

Contact us at the Standard Poodle ring at Malmö if you are interested, or send an email that you find on our homepage:

If you are interested in Furs you can also visit Torstis shop, its really modern and trendy Coats but you can also find the most Classical Mink Furs you found on your Grandmother.

Drottninggatans Päls

Drottninggatan 104, 111 60 STOCKHOLM

Tel + 46 8 20 69 04

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