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Malmö International Dog Show 20-21 March.


This weekend there is a big International Dog Show in Malmö, south of Sweden. Its about 4400 dogs entered to the show. The Poodles are on Saturday in 2 different rings, 26 and 27. Have a look at their website for more information.

Today I have been preparing Rocky for the show in Malmö this weekend. I shaved him with the 40 blade and bathed and dried him. I always use the 40 blade on my dogs for show but its very important to be careful when you shave the dogs. It doesnt look nice if you have cut them in the skin or its not done well, it takes some time to shave a Standard Poodle. One thing I also found out is that the blades are not the same from the different brands. I use Oster blade or Geib, not Andis. Everytime I have used the Andis I cut them in the skin! I shave my dogs very often at least every second week. That keeps the skin nice and not so sensible. I prebathed Rocky in the weekend, that makes the coat easier to work with and makes it look really nice and shiny. Today I used “Yes” on the first Schampoing and after the TRESémme Schampoo and Conditioner. William was with me to help, look at him how he sleeps during the dryer is on, he is used to the sound from the time in the stomach. Have you seen the nice protection on his ears!!!!

William sleeps beside the dryer

 My lovely dryer burnt this week! Ive got it in 1993 and its used for at least 1000 of hours, not joking! I loved that dryer, it was a Simpson Supajet. Its an English brand. As I had a feeling it wouldnt last forever I bought another one at the World Show in Bratislava, a Taku, its the same as the Vivog. That dryer is ok but not as good as the Simpson. I will buy another Simpson again.

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