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Visit Vom og Hundemat at Malmö International Dogshow

Vom og Hundemat will be in Malmö this weekend

If you still havent tried this food go and visit them at the show this weekend. You will meet “Calle” Carl Haglind with staff at the show were you can try and buy the food. We will also be around for a while at least during the Saturday.

Now we are trying to get all in the car, Audi A4 combi, very small. A child, Standard Poodle and all the show stuff. Beside that we need to get Me, Peter, William and Oscar in the car! I also need to do some shopping for the dogsitter that will be here all weekend.
See you in Malmö the ones that are going.
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  1. zolhillz permalink
    19/03/2010 3:55 pm

    Lycka till!! och kör försiktigt,,blir lite full i skratt, kan se er framför mej när ni sitter som klistrade,,, Peter är ju en hejare på att packa bilen så det blir nog bra. Hoppas det blir en rapport från Malmö.

    Ha en riktigt skön helg
    Kram Marlene

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