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“Keep on talking” regarding NE in Standard Poodles


I never stop being surprised in this Dogbusiness. For about 1 month ago I did put some information regarding the NE in Standard Poodles, also I announced that Diego is a carrier. Even if I did put information regarding the disease on my Blog, a lot of people seems to misunderstad this!

I understand that as I am open regarding this people will talk, that I am used to. People also has to understand that sometimes I do it on purpose. As I have a lot of connections regarding this and also knowledge I am not afraid and I dont care if people dont use Diego or any of my dogs. If more people started testing their dogs for this there will be many carriers!

Maybe its so that I rather frightens away people that doesnt know better, than refusing them????

So while you are “talking” I will keep on “walking” hopefully ahead….

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