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The weekend


Rocky BOS at Malmö International show, picture from Barfly

Finally we are back home from the weekend! And we did fit in the car, but it was no space left. The show was ok but it was crazy when we got there. The Police had to escort the cars to get them into the Carpark! It was total kaos! 1 hour in que to get a space for the car. When we got space it was miles to walk! And if that wasnt enough it was poring down with rain! Then you can just imagine how nice mood Iwas in after dragging everything in the rain!
I did make to get into the ring in time and I even made to prepare Rocky. William was very nice and quiet, he had some food and then he went to sleep.
Rocky was Best Male with CACIB and ended up BOS to Avatar Jaquetta.
We had a good day to see all our friends but we didnt take any photos. William had his clothes we got from our friend Camilla Blomkvist with family, they are soo cute! Huffish Poodles printed on them!

William approved Huffish member

There is a very good website that put all the Showresults from Sweden regarding Poodles were you can go after the weekends to keep you updated. They hardly never miss anything.
After the show we went back to my mothers place to have a nice meal. At 9 in the evening Me, Peter and my Mother was sleeping in the Sopha in front of the TV. Oscar was up on the computer he just laughed at us..
On Sunday my Sister Emma came with her son Måns to see us, and the day just went off. We have 5-6 hours drive from there back home so we left about 5 in the afternoon. Arrived about 11 in the evening home again! Love being away but I love to come back home again. Totally we were driving about 1500 km this weekend.
As normal I am quite stressed to come home after being away! All the washing needs to be done, clean the house, clean the doghouse, shave the puppies, bath and shave the other dogs, go for a walk, shopping food,, the list seems to never end!!!
Måns, Oscar and William

 At least I enjoyed the spring today, went for 1 hour walk and it was lovely!

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