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Desperate Housewife


The dogs dont understand me right now! You are strange mom!

My head is split right now. I feel like a Desperate Housewife!! And that is not me! I am normally a Business woman that works and travels all the time. I dont even have a car right now! We are looking for a big van like a Mercedes Vito, Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro or similair. We need to take 5-6 people and the dogs at the same time. That will make my life easier and much more free! As I dont have a car I ordered food and stuff from internet through that is really brilliant. You order at night on the computer and they deliver the day after at the time you want them to come. The quality is also great. This is quite new around the areas around Stockholm. I can really recommend it for the ones that are able to get it and dont have time!

The last week have been about bathing dogs and I also had my sister with family here to visit. I have been driving down to get Oscar here again, 1500 km again! Right now I am off to the City with Oscar and William before I start to prepare the dogs for the show in the weekend. We are bringing Rachel in Juniorclass and Rocky in Championclass.

On Friday we will have some friends visiting to stay over the weekend for the show. The show is an International Show in Stockholm.

Puppies and children

Now off to the City and do some shopping, thats great!

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