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Happy Easter!


Easter Chocolate

I want to start to wish you all Happy Easter! Yesterday me and Oscar went to the City for some shopping. We found this great big table at the Shopping center! Lovely! We just had to buy some, but just small peices.

Finally we got a new car! Peter bought it last night. Its not brand new and not the sexiest car in the world but it will help us. Renault Trafic, 9 seats. We will use 6 seats and use the rest to load the dogs and other stuff. Now we can almost bring all our dogs with us when we are travelling!

Today I will groom my 2 Standards for the show. I didnt make to do Rachel last night. Later we will have visitors to stay over.

Got some pictures from Huffish Fairytale in Norway, she is out of Emma and Diego. This was taken when they were skiing. I also got pictures from Finland from a puppie buyer. Its a black male from Kira and Diego the white one is a bitch out of Thomas and Nora, Catwalk kennel in Norway they went BOB and BOS puppies in Finland at a Specialty show. Congratulations. It will be interesting following the offsprings now in the future.

Huffish Fariytale skiing in Norway


Our new car!

Diego and Thomas puppie, specialty show in Finland

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