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Easter is over!


William not so interested looking at dogs jet

Time really flies away! The weekend has been very good and its almost over already! It was a lovely time at home and also at the show. We had our neighbour Eva to help us to get to the show, we loaded our car and hers! Thank you Eva for the help and for staying all day. Too many things and too small car!

Ch. Huffish Intensive Care, CACIB and BOB

Rocky went BOB and Avatar Jaquetta got BOS with CC. I am so happy and proud of our little baby Rachel. It was her second show and she really behaved well. Ok she was a little wild and played but for a dog that has been on a lead just a couple of times I am pleased. Rachel is Huffish Da Maya Woman and a daughter to Diego and Emma. She ended up Second best female. There were a couple of Thomas puppies as well and they did also well.

The judge was Mr Lee Cox from Vanitonia Kennel in England. His writings about the dogs are really nice. Rocky got, “Simply Stunning!” and Rachel, “Wild child but Oh so lovely. Fantastic coat and condition. Really impresses in profile. Thank you for the lovely words!  Unfortunately we did nothing in the group but our friend Mikeal Nilsson got placed 2nd with his new own bred juniorbitch.

Rachel "wild child"....Rachel in the ring..

 Now Peter is on his way back with Oscar again. Its really sad and I already miss him.. but we will see him again soon. William was very relaxed at the show as he normally is, mostly sleeping all the day.

I have relaxed a lot today. Quite tirered…Some dogs are on the list this week and we will pick up the car on Thursday. Saturday and Sunday I will be at the Poodle Club meeting. So no time to lay on the back!

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