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Participate in SA research


Huffish Pokerface

As I wrote before regarding SA in Standard Poodles I think the tests we do now are really no point..But if we can find the DNA it would be great! Ive got this from my friend and Standard Poodle breeder in the US. Please read and the more who will participate the faster the DNA can be found. (If its possible). There is also an attached form with instructions if you want to participate.
“The PCA Foundation recently approved a research grant from Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD to study the genetics of sebaceous adenitis (SA) in Standard Poodles.   Dr. Pedersen oversees the Center for Companion Animal Health, which includes the genetics laboratory, at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Pedersen now needs samples from both affected and non-affected Standards for this research. Attached is the form and directions one needs to be able to participate.  We hope each of you will get the word out so that we have enough Poodles participate.  For those who’ll be attending PCA, the Foundation has arranged to have a blood draw available there for those wishing to participate in the study.
 Please crosspost and get the word out.  The more people who know about this study the better chance we have of getting enough Standards to participate.”
 SA Study


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