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Lovely puppies, hm……


As I have told you before, Oscar my older son lives 500 km from us. I see him every second weekend. Most of the time I go down to see him and we stay over at my mothers place. My mother is a true animal lover and I mean TRUE!!! She lives in the middle of nowere and has dogs, cats, horses and good knows what else..

She started her career in dogs with American Cockerspaniels and continued successfully with Golden Retrievers under the prefix Goldsand´s. The latest years she got Jack Russel Terriers!!! I asked her why she couldnt buy a “proper” terrier instead! But I love “Bubblan” the first one she got. She is not like a killer, she is very smart and soft, with a soul in her eyes. She is now on her 3rd generation in the Jack Russels and right now she has 4 puppies that are 3,5 months!!! It has been impossible to sell them during this horrible winter. The thing is as they are getting older and bigger and they are a pack together, they get a lot of energy!!! When? In the morning when you sleep over they start bark and play wanting to go out at 4!! They dont stop until someone comes and lets them out. Who said little babies keep you awake??You only need some Jack Russel puppies for that.

So please if you want one or know any that would like a Jack Russel Terrier, contact my mother and get one!!! I am going down there in 10 days again! Would be nice to be able to sleep! This is with a little smile on my face….

At home our puppies are growing as well. Bonnie and Clyde are now turning 7 weeks of age. The last 3 nights they have woke us up 4 in the morning, barking until we got up and let them out running around loose in the house! Just lovely!! William the baby sleeps but the puppies gets awake!!! Last night Peter got up when they started 3 at night, let them out running around while he kept sleeping in the sopha so he could have a chance to save the things they destroy! He said its my turn tonight…I had them out for a couple of hours in the fresh air so I hope they are tirered.

Appearently it didnt help us much to get a new camera, we still doesnt produce any good pictures. Ive got these 2 pictures from a girl called Kristy. She took them at the show in the weekend. Thank you, I think they are nice. It was difficult to make good pictures as the light came in from the side.

Go Rocky Go!!!

Baby Rachel freestanding

Now its off to bed to see how long I can sleep before they wake me up.

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