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Balanced mind


William 7 weeks

I just want to forget about yesterday!! Nothing special really happened but I just had one of those days when nothing goes the way you want it to go.. Poor William felt his mother was a bit stressed inside and the dogs played up with me all day… How funny they feel as soon as you are unbalanced. I dont say this so people should feel sorry for me.. this is just a fact. At least Ive got a lot done.

Today I have had a much better day. As soon as I am balanced the rest of the pack is as well. It also helped that Peter picked up our new car!!! Jippiii! I will get my first ride with it tomorrow. I also did more shopping on Internet, foodshopping, its so good when you need to save time.

Foodshopping on internet

Tomorrow its Peters birthday and I have promised to be the chef. His parents will come to visit in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday I am going to a Poodle Club meeting, so Peter will be alone with all the stuff that needs to be done at home…you know what they say, whats hidden in the snow…..

Wonder when Peter will do Kareoke again, before the Worldshow?

This makes me happy, my son Oscar with his beloved Pomeranians
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  1. zolhillz permalink
    09/04/2010 8:24 am

    Hello Lotta!

    They are so lovely your boys Oskar and William….I hope you will have a great evening with your family on Peters birthday, I hope to se you soon, I’m so curious to see little William and all the young dogs.
    Have a nive weekend on PF.

    Big hugs from Marlene and family.

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