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It´s all about disciplin!


It takes disciplin to be successful!

Thursday again!! Time flies. I have been very very tired this week, dont know why. Yesterday 12 ton of grit arrived here for the garden were the dogs are running. As we dont have 1 just walking nicely but a few youngsters that runs like horses all day long, the grass doesnt grow so we want it to be clean instead. I am off to Oscar tomorrow, staying at my mothers place. Because I was off last weekend and also now I have to bath some of the dogs. People wonder how can I have such big coats on my dogs?? And just after they said that they say “Oh, but my dog runs in the forest and on the countryside all the time”. Meaning ours live in crates and never gets out. Ours live in the forest on the countryside!!! Its all about disciplin! If they are out a lot and get dirty you have to plan your day, week and month. I just had to do Thomas and Rocky today. Tomorrow its Diego. If I wait until Monday next week it will take me twice as long time for each dog. Now they are not matted so it gets quite fast. I just finished now, 12.30 at night! Earlier today I just wanted to go to sleep and do nothing, but I know I feel better. If I work hard now, I can relax in the weekend with my family instead. Poor Peter will take care of the dogs and start to put all the stones out in the garden. Will try to get some pictures in the weekend. The puppies, Bonnie and Clyde were bathed and clipped today.

Good Night!

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