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Everything is possible for him who believes….


Oscars picture of me and Bonnie

Now its Thursday again! I have been a bit bad with the computer but if you read you will understand why! I dont really understand people that are on the computer all day long on Facebook and all this other media??? Dont they have a life… I am happy if I can wash my face in the morning. Anyway it has been a lot of things going on around the house the latest week.
Thursday evening I went down to my mothers place. I was looking forward to a nice weekend with my son, mother and some other friends. I brought Bonnie and Clyde and our 2 Poms with me. Wanted Bonnie and Clyde to see the world around. I met my oldest friend in dogs, Anja on Saturday evening, with her children and their husbands. It was really nice to meet up. Its not very often these days we all have the time for that. It felt like a big family, we all know each other so well that its like we are never apart. Oscar was with me and William. Oscar was dancing to music from a computer played Spotify. On Sunday we went for a great walk with some dogs, our Pom Minnie was a bit tirered after a while so we put her in with William. Time just flies away. Monday off again to Stockholm 5-6 more hours in the car.
Monday night I had to open my computer and look at the “Latest News” like I call it, “Facebook.” At least when it comes to the Dog world. Actually I think this is going a bit far. People start to use it on the edge…. it gets too much from some people sometimes. But what rights do I have to judge?? If you know what you are doing and what you have, do you really need to do all that marketing on Facebook??? I will probably get killed for saying this now. Also I feel like I am pushed to do the same as everyone else, otherwise the judges might miss me or my dogs!!! Or they will think the ones that are up on Facebook the most is the one winning the most???? I really believe and hope the judges are brighter than that!!! Isnt this wrong??? I hope the dogs win because they are the best but I think I am a bit naiv. I really dont get bad at the shows if I am not winning, but I think I will start that soon. Seems like it works for some people. I have tried this all my life in the Dog world;
 “Be patient and you will finally win, for a soft tongue can break hard bones”.
Before I left I ordered 12 tons of grit (singel) for the garden were we have the dogs. It needs to dry out and get clean for them.
Peter did more than put the grit in, he decided to redecorate the whole place!!!! When I arrived yesterday it was 3 big machines in the garden and just fillings, that you get when you take a house down or something like that. Its all spread around. Now we have to fill it up with sand and grit!!! It looks awful right now bit I am sure Peter has a nice plan how to make it look nice again. It will be nice and clean for the dogs to run around in. But all suggestions and help are welcome!!! We need it!!

Everything is possible for him who believes???

This week I have bathed and clipped, Gloria, Kira and Jake. Should have taken photos but its raining again! So now you cant see they were bathed. We have a show on Saturday and I am bringing Rocky and his litterbrother Elvis who lives with Karin. Rocky will be done today and tomorrow I will do the clipping on Rocky, Elvis and a Toypoodle from a friend. Because of the Vulcan we have another judge than planned Mr Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden, we will see how that goes.  And yes I will take pictures!!! And yes I will put them on Facebook!
Some are heading for PCA, we will go next year again.  But its strange not going there to see all our friends and all the dogs.
Now I have to work….


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