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Never ending story,,,,


Thomas, picture of Kristy Bello

This is what our life is right now!! It never ends. Every week I think ” It will be better after this weekend and next week I will take it easy!! Just dont know what year! At least we dont waste life. Friday morning I left early from home after sleeping 2 hours. I was preparing Thomas for the International show in Hilleröd, Denmark. I picked up our friend Christina of the Sandust Poodles on the way, drove 400 more km down to get Oscar and after that 300 more km. We stayed over with Kerstin and Anders. Thank you! We had such a service, nice company and lovely food. Great place for the dogs, and William and Oscar. We were pleased with the show, Thomas got CAC, CACIB and BOB. Now he has his International and Danish title as well. Thank you Mr Gunnar Nyman. Christina brought her Miniature and he also got the CAC, CACIB and BOB. In Dwarf Kudos Lykkeli also got the same! No Poodles were placed in the group.

After the show we went back to Kerstin and Anders, I was dead!! Went to sleep early. We left in the morning as Oscar had a Golf education in Karlskrona already at 1`oclock. It was a really nice weekend away. When I came back Ive got a message from Katarina in Slovenien that Huffish Back in Business, “Chris” was BOB at his first show, it was an International show in Italy! Great job again Katarina! I am so proud of the work you do. 

Chris and Katarina BOB in Italy

Yesterday I picked up Kristy Bello that is here with us through her education. She is a young very talanted girl taking pictures. So we went to do some on Thomas before I broke the topknot down. I put more up later, they are on her computer. She will come with us to the show in Larv so for the ones that want to take pictures of your dogs, come to the Poodle ring she will be around us.

Last night I was sitting entering the dogs to the Triple Show and some more shows… felt like it took forever! But now its done… we have to eat soup the rest of the month!!

Tomorrow there will be no dogs bathed, have to take som time off the bathing.. at least one day! More pictures of the dogs and puppies coming soon.

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