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Huffish On Every Street


Multich. Huffish On Every Street, "Max"

I just have to share this picture. Its taken by Mikael Nilsson, Kudos Poodles 2006. That year Max was Runner Up Dog of The Year, all breeds in Sweden. He was on top half of the year and was beaten at the last Stockholm Show in December. He didnt even make it through the breed. I never have any luck at the December show in Stockholm, I am very lucky to get a BOB there. This is the show I want to win at and go in the group and show my Poodle. This is such a Dog Show and the dogs loves it!!! Crowded, music in the finals and a lovely atmosphere. Gives me goosebumps!!! We still miss Max around us but he is still in England with his new family, Miss Marita Gibbs Rodgers and her partner Phil. They are as much in love with him as we were and he is their housedog and gets to hunt some Rabbits in their garden. Before I have put info regarding Max offsprings on the website. His offsprings still do well. Multich. Smart Connection Maxima has got 3 more BIS to add to her list. She is bred and co owner in Russia by Mrs Olga Knorre of the Smart Connection Poodles. Maxi lives with her other owner Julia in the Northern part of Russia.

3 more BIS to Maxi in Russia!!!

It is so nice to follow the offsprings from the different dogs. I am looking forward to start showing them in the future.

I have a cold so it has been a qiet week. I have tried to put myself on the Sopha but its difficult with all things around that have to be done.

Finally there will be some updates even on the website.

Good Night!

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