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Another BIS for Rocky!!!


Multich. Huffish Intensive Care, BIS in Larv this weekend!

Back from the show in the weekend and we are more or less ded, the whole lot of us.

Multich. Huffish Intensive Care, “Rocky” got BOB. Group 1 and BIS. Mr Åke Cronander was judging the breed and the group. Mr Espen Engh did the BIS. Thank you.

Peter was with us this weekend and Rocky loved that. It is really his dog, he just love Peter. We are also pleased that our Baby Rachel, Huffish Da Maya Woman got her first CAC and went BOS!!! She even beat her older halfsister that is a Champion now. It was close that she beat Rocky in the breed as the judge fell in love with her. She is like Lee wrote ” Wildchild”. But we love her, she is so much Poodle. She is out of Ch. Diego Da Maya and Ch. Huffish Believe In Woman.

When we arrived back home we got the message that Ch. Kudos Ali (Kudos Amis litterbrother) got his Norweigan title and BOB! Congratulations! Rockys litter sister Huffish Risky Business, got CAC and BOB in Serbia. I also heard a roumor that someone else have done well in Europe but no facts..

Not much has happened today more than the daily work, catch up some rest.

Baby Rachel

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  1. icepoodle permalink
    12/05/2010 1:59 am

    Congratulations !!!

    Baby Rachel looks beautiful..

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