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Have you heard about Topscore and Härbovi!!!!


Picture by Maud Nilsson

The SPK Club Show will be held on the 12th of September at the beautiful castle  around Lahol in the south of Sweden. This is the day after the Poodles are judged at Sofiero this is only 30 minute drive from Laholm.

The judges will be the famous breeders Astrid Gierscky of Topscore Poodles and Elisabeth Drake, Härbovi Poodles. They have been very important for the breed and its history here in Scandinavia. If you have heard about them but never met them, you can do that now. You are even able to show for them. Even if your dog is cut down you are welcome.

As they are not official judges and not active breeders at the time this will be a special moment for all in the breed. So dont miss to get your dog judged by them!

Keep you informed on Facebook right now and join the group of SPK Club Show. More info will come very soon!!

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