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New Huffish Champion!


Sandust Chardonnay, BOB and 2-BIS Puppie in show

Huffish Black Business new Champion!

At the Specialty Show in Hammarskog Huffish Black Business “Elvis” got his third CAC and got his Swedish Champion title. Elvis is a litterbrother to our “Rocky” and also “Anna” in Serbia. Elvis is owned by Karin Johansson and its her first poodle!!! She has groomed and looked after his coat and condition to perfection! Well done Karin! Elvis also got BOB and 3-BIS at the show.

Really nice and proud to say that a Thomas daughter got CAC and BOS, Momabo´s So What “Zoe”. Hanled by a new upcoming handler that I think we will see more of in the future, Mattias Löfstedt. Hope I spelled that right. Zoe is owned by breeder Maria Modig and Shirley Nilsson. Congratulations. Also Thomas puppies got BOB and BOS, Sandust Chardonnay, owned and bred by Sandust Poodles and Thomsten´s Snowstorm, bred and owned by Thomstens Poodles. They looked very nice and promising.
It started to rain really badly just when the show was nearly finished and we were solking wet by the time everything was packed in the car. It was a Kennelclub show Sunday but we decided not to go! Elvis got his hair cut off instead and we just did some work at home and spend time with the dogs and baby William. Very good decision.
I know Katarina has been to show Chris somewere in Europe and she did good, coming up later more from that show. Also another Thomas son has done well, he was sold to Serbia and got another BOB yesterday. Well done! Pictures coming soon.
Now the planning is starting for the Triple Show in Jönköping, Swedish Poodle Show and the World Show. My good what a logistic we have to plan, bringing all this big Standard Poodles, got time to bath them and fit all in the car!!! Hopefully we will have time to be social as well… Katarina will come here soon and I am really looking forward to that. I need some company, feels like I only sit here at home grooming my poodles and looking after William. But thats life. After all the Circus around the World Show we will get some time off and go to Gotland a small Island were Peters parents have a lovely summerplace. No dogshows!
More pictures and info will come soon.
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