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Diego 2xBIS!!!

Diego with no feet in the ground, BIS at the Poodle Specialty in Tallin
Diego won the group under Mrs Lisbeth Mach in Tallin


This weekend we went for a short holiday to Tallin in Estonia. We have never been there before and we had a great experience. It was really nice. Very nice to go with the Ferry from Stockholm to Tallin, the boat were quite new with nice fresh food. We left on Thursday evening and arrived in Tallin on Friday morning. We drove to the Hotel that was only a couple of kilometers from the boat. Nordic Forum Hotel in the middle of the City. It was a lovely Hotel with Jacuzzi and Spa. There is plenty on hotels around that area if you are planning to go there. On Friday we went for a trip in the city to have a look around. Our friend Marlene Solberg travelled with us, she brought her bitch Ch. Zolhills Drastic Fantastic “Drucilla”.

On Saturday we had the Poodle Specialty Show for Mrs Ann Ingram and Diego was BOB and BIS! Thank you! Drucilla was BOS with CAC so they both got the Estonian Championtitle.On Saturday evening we went to a Mexican Restaurant for a nice meal with some other Swedish Dog people. It was nice and they had Frozen Margaritas! Lovely. We were all tired and went to bed early.

Sunday and the International Estonian Winner Show . Mrs Tiina Taulos judged the Poodles, Diego got another BOB and CACIB. He has now finished his title for the International Champion. Druzilla was 2nd best female. In the group we had Mrs Lisbeth Mach and she put Diego first in the group. Just right before the BIS it started to rain! But it wasnt that heavy. Mr Loius Pinto Teixeira did the BIS. Diego really behaved well and was the nice dog that I love to see him, relaxed but with so much attitued, he loves when people looks at him and he just stands looking around to get all the attention. We were happy when the judge pointed at Diego as BIS winner!  Diego had charmed most of the judges I think… they used words like: “A true Poodle from top to toe” ” He is a Poodle, they have temperament” “High Class dog with such a great attitude and moves like a dream”. I cannot explain him better myself, this is Ch. Diego Da Maya! Congratulations to his breeder and owner Zuleika B Torrealba, its not everyday we meet dogs like Diego. We had to rush to the ferry to catch it and arrived back home Monday morning. Thanks to Kristy Bello and her friend that looked after all our dogs during our little short trip. We really needed the time off for a couple of days!

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