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Huffish got Swedish Winner title 2010


William at dogshow, seems to be happy where ever he is

Rocky, picture by SPM Stephen Wheeler

This weekend has been busy as usual! On Saturday we had a Poodle Club meeting, came back home to bath one Standard Poodle in the evening. Sunday off to Avesta, 2 hours from our place. The Swedish Winner show 2010 was there. International All Breed Show.

I brought Ch. Huffish Intensive Care, “Rocky” and Huffish Da Maya Woman, “Rachel”. It was pooring down with rain at home and stormy!! I just took some jeans and a jacket as I thought the whole day was going to be cold! 1 hour before the show, the sun came! Good!

When I arrived at the show Rachel was totally solking wet! She had been car sick again!! Now I had to find a dryer and electricity to get her dry. Finally I did that and she looked fine. Peter was at home to catch up some work there, Kristy Bello went with me and William.

Rocky was BOB and got his last CACIB for the International title. He also got the Swedish Winner title. Rachel won the Juniorclass and was 2nd Best bitch with CAC. I was very pleased. It was Mrs Nina Karlsdotter from Sweden that judged.

Thank good for friends, I had Micke and Fredrik there who helped me out with the dogs as I had William, also a puppy buyer Chris, her mother had William most of the time when I was working with the dogs. Thank you without your help it wouldnt be possible.

I dont know but I didnt have any feeling to win the group at all, but we did! Mr Hans Almgren did group 9! After the group it looked like heaven should open and start to rain and thunder! I ran to get my car and pack everything in, dont want to have all to be packed with a wet child and all the rest as well. I just made to pack the car before the final BIS. Micke was a bit worried as he stood with Rocky and hold him before the BIS… We got third after a Bearded Collie and the famous Saluki, Harvey! Very good day for us, we were so pleased.

I have to say to all that sends me email and stuff and if I dont answer please dont be sad! I have had soo much to do around me and also I was sick in the week. I havent forgot about you, I read it all and eventually I will answer. I also feel a bit split at shows, I want to talk to everyone but with the baby and preparing Standard Poodles it takes time and I want them to look as good as I can. Its not that I dont want to talk, I just dont make it! So hope for understanding people.

Katarina will come today with Chris and Ami and I am really looking forward to that. She has got to be a great friend of the whole family here. So now off to make it ready for her. The week will be mad. Bathing dogs and go down to Oscars “Skolavslutning” dont find the words in English right now, he will come with me back to Stockholm to stay for a week, cant wait to see him either.

Off to do work…

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  1. icepoodle permalink
    15/06/2010 12:29 am

    Congratulations Lotta and Peter.

    William is a beautiful boy and he looks very happy :D

  2. 20/07/2010 12:32 pm

    Very big congratulations from Russia! I look forward to the story of the world championship. Julia

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