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Jönköping Triple Show, day 1, 19th of June


Multich Huffish Intensive Care BIS!!!

This is a little late but my good, life has been hard the latest weeks. We have hardly not being home.

7 different shows in 16 days!!! And 4800 km of driving!!! 10 Standards to bath and groom for the shows!!! Between that try to look after the baby, house, Peter and sleep for more than 1 hour per night. It has been hard when you look at how much has happened.

As I am not a great technichian I will do this in different dates on the blogg, otherwise everything will twist and turn around.
The first day of the International Triple Show in Jönköping I had entered Rocky and Thomas. Mrs Tiina Taulos from Finland was the breed judge. Thomas owners were here Kay L Peiser and Mrs Virginnia Doris from the US. As Rocky is a babydog Kay needed to show Thomas for me, even if I love to show Thomas. Rocky was best male and Thomas second. In the Junior bitch class I showed Hollie and Thomas female that I have sold, Huffish For No One, “Chanel”. She went perfect with me, won her class and ended up 3rd in the best bitch competition. She havent met me since I sold her 9 weeks old. I was very pleased with her, she is a pretty bitch with a great front and lovely movements. She will be nice when she has grown up a bit.
As Toshi with the Smash Toy Poodles were here also and he got BOS and BOB with Toys I was sure he would win the group. He normally does well. But to my surprise I won with Rocky!!! It was Mr Zeljko Gaijic doing the group and Mrs Brenda Banbury was the pick for the BIS judge. The rain and thunder was hanging in the air all day but it seemed to be fine. Rocky ended up BIS!!! It was unbelieveble! I regret I hadnt entered him on the other days at the Triple Shows but as Kay and Ginny were here I wanted to show Thomas. As Rocky alway has beaten him before I didnt want to bring him because of that. Now after this Rocky was leading for Dog of The Year in Sweden All Breeds!!!  We were happy and tired after the BIS and Peter was going back home to Stockholm with Rocky so he could rest and eat. Me, William Katarina and Oscar were staying in a great place called Amelias house in Gränna, 15 minutes drive from the show. As Peter was getting the car I looked after William and Katarina brushed out Rocky. When Peter came back he had a horrible message: Both cars have punktured tires!! What I said!! Yes both cars!!! Totall witout air in the front weels!! As we had incurance for that we had to call. All you wanted was to get home and look after dogs and children. It was 8.30 in the evening! By the time all was fixed it was around 11 in the evening!! Thanks to all our friends, Susanne and Christina, Therese and her family who ownes Chanel and some other nice people. I was nearly crying. I thought this is not worth it! When we came to the little Hotel it was lovely, the sky was purple and it was nice and quiet. We were all dead. Thank you and Good Night!

Garden outside Amelias house,, lovely

The sunrise outside our window! lovely

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