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22nd of June


Today I should really need a rest but we had to bath some more Standard Poodles! Diego, Rachel and Danny and also redo Rocky and Thomas for the Specialty Show tomorrow. Mr Juha Palosaarii is doing the Standard Poodles and I am really looking forward to his judging. Juha and his expartner Tiina had the World famous “Gordon”. Gordon was Dog Of The Year in Finland 1991 the year we had “Hsan” in Sweden. As we needed more handlers except me and Katarina, Camilla Tell Collinge who has Tell Afghans came to help, She help out with the grooming as well as the handling. Oscar and Camilla felt a sleep in the sopha before we left. We were just ready to leave for the show in the night and we left about 1 at night. We had no dogsitters as it was heading for the “Swedish Midsummer”. All dogs had to come with us, very nice!! So all of the Huffish kennel left in 2 cars.

Thank good for a happy family!!!

for the Specialty show and the World Show.

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