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Triple Show, day 2 20th of June


Today Rocky was at home with Peter, I showed Thomas and Chanel, Huffish For No One, Katarina showed Chris, Huffish Back In Business and he went 4th best male. Chanel got the CC and got BOS, Thomas was BOB.

Chanel is a daughter of Thomas and our Hollie, Ch. Cotian A Huffis Holiday. It was Mr Cocetti that did the group and we didnt do anything. Our friend Christian and Susanne Johansson of the Sandust Poodles got 2nd in the group with their Miniature “Morgan”.

Me and Thomas heading the group!

I just love to show Thomas he just stands like a staty! He is a lot like Max but also they have the same father, their temperaments I love!

After the show we went back to the Hotel again and Oscar got Kay to climb up all the stairs on top. He forgot to bring the camera. He took some lovely pics in the evening on his Pom Nanne, but they are in his mobile. He put her on a stone staty and make her pose for nearly an hour and he got a couple of nice pictures. We were all quite tired but better than yesterday.

Who said kids and dogs doesnt like each other?

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