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Triple Show, day 3, 21th of June


Thomas BOS

Today it was the 3rd day at the Triple show. Thomas got BOS beaten by his daughter that Kay and Ginny ownes from the US. Ch Kudos Ami was 2nd best bitch after Fay, the Thomas daughter. I was very tired and felt quite bad. In the group it was Henrik Johansson and I told Kay Fay should be the type for him.

Fay ended up to win the group!!!! Oscar took the picture.

Thomas daughter group 1! Fay

Fay ended up BIS-3. After the BIS they had a “Supreme BIS” It was between all 3 BIS winning dogs during the days, the judge was a secret, I told Peter before that he didnt need to drive all the 3,5 hours down with Rocky just for that but in the end it felt good to bring him otherwise it feels very not sportif. So Peter came with his dog. We got to know just before the entrance Mr Paul Stanton was doing the Supreme BIS. It was Rocky an lovely Russian Riesen Snauzerfrom the famous Gloris kennel inRussia and an Welsh Corgi Pembroke that the family Whilberg ownes from Norway. Rocky was in a great mood and showed lovely, he went BIS!! it was really nice all the judges came up to us and it felt great.

Now off home to bath some more Poodles for the Specialty show that I really have been looking forward!

Ch, Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" now 1 dog of the Year in Sweden!

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