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24th of June, dinner at Kudos and Callevys


Global Dinner

 I wish we had a picture from last night! When we arrived at the place were we should sleep we all opened the Bus and looked at all the stuff and the dogs. No one had the energy to start! Crazy, we made it and went to bed around midnight, no celebration just sleep!!!

Peter had to leave quite early he was going to drive Oscar back to his father, 2 hours from Sjöbo. My mother had decided to join the circus as well, very nice. Its not often she can make to come as she also has dogs and horses. So she was coming back with Peter. We were invited to Kudos and Callevys residence for dinner at night but they called and said that Micke was having a bad stomach, the Russians as well, the Japanese team looked them self in a room so they shouldt be sick as well… We decided to go anyway. It didnt happen much during the day else. Philip went to Denmark with Kay and Ginny last night so we shouldt see him until the World Show on Saturday again. Thomas went with them as well as they thought we had enough Standards to bath! Wonder why!!

In the evening we met up at the Dinner and there were people from all over the World, Sweden, the US, Slovenia as Katarina was with us and Japan. It was a nice time and some wine and drinks. Peter was driving back in the evening and he was so tired he went into Micke and Fredriks bed, around midnight I also went in ther too, so tired! Some people took some pictures of that but thank good I havent seen any. So off home to get sleep before grooming and bathing again.

American lady with Camilla and Katarina at the party

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