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The Swedish Poodle Show; Huffish 3 times BIS!


Ch. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky"

23 of June we had the Specialty Show down in Malmö. There were about 65 Standard Poodles entered for the show. We had Huffish After Dark, Danny in Juniorclass, Diego, Thomas and Rocky in Champion males and Huffish Da Maya Woman, Rachel in Junior females. Danny won his class with Ck, Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday, “Tim” was 2nd with CK so that was great. Tim is owned by Mikael Nilsson and this is his second Standard Poodle. This is not Mikael Nilsson with Kudos Poodles…The championclass with very big, there were about 7 or 8. Diego and Thomas was right in front of Rocky so he was a bit hard to control, very stupid of me really to bring all 3, but I wanted to show them as I think they are very nice Poodles. Juha really worked hard in the class and he put up Rocky first with Thomas as second and Diego was 4th!! They had done such a great job for this show in the committé, I must say! The best male competion was going to be later in the afternoon in one ring for all varieties so you could follow all the sizes. Very nice. So now we had to wait. Rachel was in next, she also won the Juniorclass and Juha was very impressed with her solid body! The Maxdaughter from Russia was there, Multich. Smart Connection Maxima, she won the Championclass too.

Best Junior in Standards

It was a lovely weather and everybody seemed to be in a very happy mood! My friend Philip Langdon from England came last night to Micke and Fredrik its always fun to see him, he is crazy! Camilla Tell has never met him before and she laughed at him all day, he has comments for everything.  Mrs Doris Cozart was judging the Toys and Toshi from Japan was there with a bunch of dogs, Smash Poodles. He had the BIS World Winner Ch. Smash JP Talk About “Jonsama” entered.

So to the finals, Rocky ended up Best Male, Thomas was 2nd and Diego was 4th. Maxima was Best Female with Rachel 2nd with the CAC. Very pleased.

Rocky was finally BOB!! It was such a great win for us with this hard competition.

Huffish Da Maya Woman “Rachel” was BOB Junior and also BIS Junior. Both her and Danny, Huffish After Dark are by our “Diego” Ch. Diego Da Maya.

We also had a breeders group that included, Ch. Huffish Intensive Care “Rocky”, Huffish After Dark, “Danny”, Huffish Da Maya Woman “Rachel” and Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday “Tim”. That also went BIS!! it was between us and Smash Toypoodles from Japan!

Huffish Breeders Group BIS!

 This is from the Breeders group the critic from Juha: An breathtaking group all 4 dogs from different combinations. Very stylish with carriage and correctly built with lovely movements. AMAZING!! Thanks Juha, as I really respect you as a judge and breeder it helps me to continue the crazy work we put into the Standard Poodle breed.

Finally the end came! Mrs Doris Cozart was doing the BIS. Toshi got BOB with his BIS World Winner, Johanna was BOB in Miniatures with Ch. San-Jo-Le´s Fugge, and the BOB in Dwarf was Ch. Party-Line´s Iron Maden. It was quite late and hot so we had to work a bit to get the energy back.

The Dwarf was 4th BIS, Miniature 3rd and it was now between Rocky and Jonsama the World Famous Toy! I thought I would never win this as well, we had actually won almost everything we could before. But the luck was with us, Rocky went BIS!!!! WOW!!! How thrilled we were. Thank you to the judges Mr Juha Palosaari and Mrs Doris Cozart! We will never forget this! Also for the lovely words you commented on my dogs.

Ch. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" BIS!


It was quite late now and we have to pack the Huffish kennel into the cars and 3 tents!! Good I wish someone else could do that! We were heading to my puppie buyer Mikael Nilsson who ownes Tim and stay there until we were off to the World Show.

Also look at the amazing prize table at the show, lovely and great work for the show!

Swedish Poodle Show

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