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Gotland here we come!


So finally we are off from home to a little holiday! But we had to bring almost all our dogs!! Nice holiday!! Peters family has a place on the little Island called Gotland outside Stockholm. It takes about 3 hours with the ferry to get there. Its lovely, just by the sea. But they also have a small Pool at the house. Peters brother, Pontus his wife Ulrika and their 3 children will also be there.

To make it easier for us and the dogs Peters father had borrowed some fences from the Farmer that breeds Lambs!! They are not supposed to be called Sheep they are being called Lambs there!

We were having the Christening (dont know if thats the word) for William there as well. This is when you give the baby the name in Jesu Christ. William is being named, William, Filip Palmedal. The Priest was a woman and very funny she was called Harriet.

Why should this be normal when nothing else in our life is normal? It was supposed to be outside and of corse it was storm!!! Everything flew and we hardly heard anything. Everybody laughed including William.

Proud mother


See how proud Oscar is

Pontus, Oscar and William

Heavy brother


Thank you for all that joined this day! It was really nice!

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