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Home again and another BIS for Rocky!


Peter with his boys

So we were back home after holiday! International Dog Show in Ransäter.

Ransäter is about 4 hours from home. It was a Portugise judge doing the breed and he was a teeth counter, and he didnt want bad tails. Rocky has all teeths and a straigt tail, thank good. But the judge did a bit strange job, excuse me… but he did. When Rocky was about to go into the class half of the show came to watch as they probably heard about the judging. I was very nervous as you didnt know what to expect! We won the Championclass!! Best Male and BOB! It was like winning a BIS!!

It doesnt matter how much you win you never know or can never be sure to win. Thats for sure! I have learned that!

Mrs Diane Andersen from Norway/USA did the group and Rocky was Group-1!! She really liked his angels and his great front! Thank you!

Mr Dan Ericsson did the BIS. The Dachshound that is 2nd to Rocky for Dog Of The Year was there, the German Shepard that was Dog of The Year in Norway last year was there, Camilla with Tell Afghans won her group and was in the BIS. The Västgötaspetsen was there as well. Tough line up! Rocky was happy and showed really well. He is actually a dog that needs the big ring to move the best.

Finally we were BIS!!! Thank you to the judges! It was easy driving the long way home again.

Home to cycle and eat more!

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