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Huffish 3xWorld Winner Titles!


JWW-10 Huffish Back in Business "Chris"

So the World Winner Show finally came! Both we and the dogs are quite tired, the dogs havent really been eating as well as they should but thats life.  Mr Wayne Burton from Australia was the judge.

Katarina brought Chris back for the show and he won the Juniorclass and got the JWW title 2010! Great job Katarina!

Thomas was entered in the Open Class as he didnt have hid Danish title when I entered him and I had the other 2 in the Championclass. Kay showed Thomas and he won the class, it was huge! He was defenitely the favourite there!

I wasnt in the best mood as I got to hear some stuff that wasnt very pleasing, Rocky was a bit tired too. Camilla showed Diego for me and he won the Championclass with Rocky as 2nd! I dont remember now how many there were in the Championclass but it was about 10. I was a bit surprised that Diego beat Rocky as normally the Australians likes bigger and solid dogs, Diego is a lovely dog but smaller and more refined. So for the Best Male competion the Juniormale was Chris, Champion was Diego and Thomas was Open. Thomas won and Diego got the Reserv CACIB!! Great!

Rachel was in for the Juniorclass and she won that too!!

Huffish Da Maya Woman, "Rachel" JWW-10

So we got both Junior World Winner titles and the World Winner title in Males!!

The World Winner in Females was another Swedish dog, Ch, Dandy-Lion´s Morning Star, congratulations to you too!

Thomas finally was BOB, Ch Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker!!! And he is a heartbreaker such a sweet dog! 

In Miniatures Anders and Stephens veteran got BOB Ch. Sansonelle Master Class, Dwarf was Mickes Kudos Lykke Li and Toy was Toshis BIS World Winner Ch. Smash JP Talk About. Sweden did great!

Mrs Renee Sporre Willes was judging group 9.  Toshi won the group again!!! Thomas got 2nd!!!

Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker "Thomas" Group-2

What a week we have had! But how tired are you not after doing this crazy thing!!! We had about 1000 Km to drive back home again. Guess what happened too?? Kay got sick in the morning and in the evening at the house in Denmark she got bad in her stomach with over 40 degrees in fever! Peter started to throw up at night as well!! This is nothing you want when you should drive all that way! We were also going to drive back Kay and Ginnys Van to Stockholm as they were leaving from Kopenhagen. Great! Katarina in one car, Peter in one and I took the bus back to the south of Sweden to pick up some of our dogs that had stayed there. I was home at Tuesday.

We decided that Thomas should go back to the US now in August, September. They need him there to be shown and as I have Rocky he wont be shown here now anyhow. It will be heartbraking to let him go. But at least he has produced some lovely puppies over here and put his mark.

This is the BIS winner at the World Show 2010. Dan Andersson took the picture. Congratulates for Toshi! 2 times BIS at the World Show! With the same dog! The BIS was judged by Mr Ole Staunskjer from Denmark.

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