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Last show before Holiday!!


Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday "Tim"

Tim on the move

Saturday the 3rd of July, Borås Swedish Poodle Club show.

 Mrs Dyane Johnston from Australia judged the Standard Poodles. I did not take Rocky here, he has lot a lot of weight after all the shows, travelling and girls in season. He will just go tomorrow on the Kennel Club.I showed Mikael Nilssons male “Tim”. He is only about 13 months old. He got the CAC and was BOS! Very good work to his owner that keeps him in great condition. Keep up the work
On Sunday I had Tim and Rocky, we had Mr IKeith Lovell for the breed. I should really not have brought Rocky he was not as good as he can be. Anyhow, Tim got his third CAC and Rocky got BOB. Helena Tevin got her last CAC with ther Max daughter and she was thrilled, congratulations to you. We had Andrew Brace doing Group-9 and we went 4th. Thank good for Holiday, now we will cycling with Rocky and give him food he likes so we make sure he eats all the time, he needs to put on fatness again.
Peter starts his holiday now on Monday and we are going to stay around Stockholm. Oscar will come and we will visit the Fun fair Gröna Lund, my sister and her family will join us too. Glad to do something else but Dog Shows.Here is a picture of Tims mother cut down, Ch. Cotian A Huffish Holiday “Hollie” she is our crazy girl!

Ch. Cotian A Huffish Holiday

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