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Never get satisfied!


As I havent been satisfied with Rockys body after the long show, we have to work and make it better! Even if he gets BIS or whatever you have to look and see what you can make better! So we did!

We took the dogs and cycled with them almost everyday at our holiday! The adults over 12 months! It has done miracles! If you have a good condition in the ground this is just to fix the finish of the dogs! Rocky has gained a couple of kilos and built even more muscles! I am happy now. If Rocky shall stay among the Top Winning Dogs in Sweden you have to be of High class! You cannot win if you dont have a good dog with a great condition, its not only the grooming its the body and muscles too!

Peter is doing a great job with him and the other dogs, he is such a competitor! Wants to win but you wont get it without hard work!

So now Peter will maybe loose a kilo or two as well….picture to come.

We will keep on Cycling!!!

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